Wednesday, December 10, 2014

On The *Really* Small Screen

(Filming at UBC in early October, 2014)

Twice this year, I did some filming for a new medical course that has been in development at the University of British Columbia called the Certificate in Collaborative Practice for Health Professionals . This new course is designed to help health care professionals strengthen communication and collaboration skills in order to enhance patient-centred care. I have been serving on an advisory committee that has been helping in the development of this certificate course, along with several of my fellow Health Mentors over the last year. The work has been both challenging and interesting. What I’ve loved best about it is that I know that the work we are doing is going to have a very positive impact on how health care is delivered in our province. 

Yesterday afternoon, I received an email from the project manager that the video component of the course is finally finished and available for me to view online. While I can't show you the videos, I can share a couple screen shots!

In this module, I talk about some of the aspects of my patient experience and the impact those experiences have had. I had the opportunity to acknowledge what an amazing family doctor I have by sharing how she makes a difference in my life by the way in which she delivers care. When it comes to be patient-focused, she sets the bar exceptionally high. I am extremely lucky to have her as part of my care team.

In this second screen shot, you'll notice I've got new glasses and a new haircut. (This section was shot in early October.) In this module, I am talking about my views on leadership within my health care team. Who the health care team thinks is the leader and who the patient believes it to be can be two very different things.

I think it's so sweet how they have the little orange circle on the screen that says "Learn more about our Lelainia". It's clickable and when you click it, up comes a brief bio:

This course is currently available across British Columbia and I've been told that at some point, it may expand beyond provincial borders. I can't tell you what a tremendous privilege it's been to be a part of the team helping to develop this certificate program. I am incredibly proud of the work we have done so far, but we're not done yet! The work continues with our focus shifting to ethics. Again, very important and interesting conversations are happening. I am learning so much, even as I am lending my own thoughts and experiences to the process. 

When I was watching the finished video clips, I was getting teary just thinking about how this is going to change lives. Advocacy is something I am incredibly passionate about and it just gives me so much pleasure to be able to use my knowledge and skills in such a meaningful way.


deb did it said...

BRAVO !!!!!

Seth said...

This is huge Lelainia. What a wonderful way to contribute to a better world. And that little orange circle is priceless!