Monday, March 27, 2006

Be Still My Beating Heart!

Okay so this might not be exciting to anyone else, but I just discovered that on Amazon, you can buy packages made up of retro candy from different decades!! This is the 1970's assortment and just looking back at it brings back memories!

My dear friend Farrell and I would stop in at this little corner store near our elementary school, Sam's and buy things like candy cigarettes, Pixie Stix, Tart and Tiny's, Pop Rocks, Fizz that came in a strip (still love those) and all the different flavours of licorice. I also bought these little garbage pails that had hard sour candy in the shape of things that would be in the garbage in them-old boots, fish bones, tin cans, etc. There was also a treasure chest version.

My favourite chocolate bars at that time were Cuban Lunch, Trasures (which was like an assortment box of chocolates made into a bar-each piece had a different filling) and Cherry Blossoms. (I can still hear the commercial for that one-"Cherryyyyy, Cherry Blossom, with the chocolate on the outside and the cherryyyyyy on the inside. MMM, MMM, MMM!!")

It's amazing to me how something like candy can trigger memories of childhood. The funny thing is, while I loved candy as a kid, I rarely eat it now-I'm not a sweet tooth. But having now discovered this, I am sorely tempted to order this box of chilhood bliss, call Farrell up and spend and afternoon reliving our memories and slipping into a sugar where's my wallet?!?

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Anonymous said...

That was one of my fave chocolate bars too--every centre with a different filling..heaven! But what about the Wigwags--my fave bar. I have seen a variation of these around and have tried them...but alas they do not taste as I remember them. Pixie sticks & sweet tarts. Garbage pails-my best friend's mom would buy her the whole box...long before Costo was around to stock up on such things! I loved the amrshmallow strawberries and the bananas and the spearmint leaves-but you can still get all of those easily. What a sugar kick we were on in our youth.