Monday, March 27, 2006

Thank You Seesters!!

My mailbox was overflowing today, quite literally with mail related to a secret project I am doing. In amongst that mail was an envelope from California. It was this really great t-shirt from Linda Woods and Karen Dinino. They, like yours truely are March babies and they very generously sent me one of their special shirts they had made up for their book tour for Visual Chronicles. I went running into my room, ripped off the shirt I had one and tried it on right away. It fits perfectly and I have tucked it into my suitcase for Artfest. Perfect timing!!

Of course when my husband got home, I told him he had to come see what I got. I showed him the shirt and he says "As long as people don't think your name is Art." Men! I can just imagine how Deb is going to howl when she reads this. (See Deb? It's a guy thing!)

Anyway, getting back to Linda and Karen, they are such fun and I enjoy reading their blog. Linda often shares her eyecandy-she does these amazing Buddha pieces that I drool over and they both write about the every day stuff in a way that often has me giggling as I read. I liked their book so much I made my local library buy it. I know a good thing when I see it and I have made it my mission in life to make sure my branch has a decent and inspiring mixed media section. Hey-it's MY tax dollars so why not? Most people don't realize they have a say!

Thank you Linda & Karen for the wonderful addition to my wardrobe. I will wear it with pride!! xo


Anonymous said...

Lucky you--I am an avid reader of their blog too. Amazon sent me 2 of their books in error( & of course charged me for 2!)--but rather than return one, I am sharing with my sister-trying to get her into this paper world I am mixed up in! This shirt on you could also say, "I AM (HE)ART"--you did the most wonderful favour for me today and my customer. People do not know about all of this behind-the-scenes stuff that you do! HAVE FUN THIS WEEK!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Lelainia! I am right there with Deb! Your hubbie's comment about your shirt just cracked me up. Sounds just like something MY hubbie would say!

Been thinking about you having the time of your life! Have fun at Artfest and take good notes so that you can teach us what you've learned!! WE miss you!