Thursday, March 09, 2006


So today I worked on a calendar round robin I am doing with friends from MMCA. I have Stacie Rife's calendar at the moment and let me just tell you it is the most beautiful thing. I just about cry when I look at it. I can only hope to someday own a book as beautiful as this.

Anyway, when I was finished the spreads I was working on, I went to the sign in page. Stacie asked that we each put a picture of ourselves on it. She had a picture of herself as a little girl. I decided to use a baby picture too. (See me? I'm 3 months old there!) Stacie had put a crown on her head. I don't think I'm the crown wearing type, but more a party hat kinda girl. (I love to laugh.) So I made myself a proper party hat. (See the pretty pink German glass glitter? Love it!) Then I added some stars 'cause hey, if you're gonna wear a party hat, ya gotta be a star! When all was said and done, I went to sign my name and note the month I worked on the calendar. That's when it struck me what I'd done. Here's little me, with my party hat on and I claimed March in Stacie's calendar. March is my birthday!

This got me to wondering how much of the art we make is conscious and how much subconscious? Truly, this little piece was totally subconscious! I was working intuitively. Once I realized what I had done, I added the 22, which is my birthday.

It's amazing to me how if you just give yourself permission to play, you create things you would never have anticipated. Art, like life is like that sometimes-it just shows up with a surprise gift in its hand.

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