Friday, November 30, 2007

Shiney New Blog!

ArtPub Studios, an artist networking group I belong to has recently made some changes for the new year. We've got a brand new site and a group blog that has just been launched. Each member has her own individual blog within the blog and we will also be sharing art related content as a group.

My ArtPub blog will have different entries and content than Tattered Edge* does. I will be talking more in depth about the creative process and working as an artist and will be posting about once a month or so. I have already posted my first entry about setting goals and you can view it by clicking here. (I haven't had a chance to update my Artpub button on the side bar yet!) You'll want to bookmark our blog-there will be alot of cool stuff happening there!

In addition to me, you can also view content from the other members, who include:

Angela Cartwright, Deb Trotter, Deryn Mentock, Kathy Wasilewski, Lou McCulloch, Mary Beth Shaw, Pilar Pollock, Sally Turlington, Sarah Fishburn
Sylvia Luna and Tiffini Elecktra X, each an amazing and talented artist in their own right!

I hope you will enjoy this new site and all it has to offer. I am excited about what we have in the works and look forward to sharing with you!

*Don't worry-Tattered Edge isn't going anywhere! I will still be posting regularly here!

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