Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Still Digging Out

The unpacking continues. I am almost there now-there's just some reorganizing of closets and hanging stuff on the walls left to do. I found the box with all my wall quilts in it and I can't wait to get them hung up. It's amazing how a few quilts can transform the warmth of a space.

I haven't seriously quilted in some time, mainly because I went over to the dark side (*giggle*) and got caught up in paper art, but after unearthing some of my fabric stash and seeing my sweet little pincushions again, my hands are itching to delve back into textiles. I have several quilt tops that could be finished if I could commit to going to buy backing and batting. I really should do some finishing before I start anything new. I love all the things I started and they would look fabulous sprinkled around the house. One of the local quilt shops where several of my friends work is having a Pincushion Club where you make a different one every other month. I am contemplating signing up.

Fun stuff is happening with the 12 Days of Xmas Exchange. My mailbox has been full of presents lately and each one is such a temptation. Only 15 more days till we begin opening! I can't wait-the ladies always make such wonderful things and wrap them so beautifully. The whole exchange is so magical. If you want to see what we're up to, pop on over to the blog and check it out. Don't forget to click on the archives-not all of this years gifts show up on one page. (There are 26 in all!)

Okay, that's the report from the studio for today. Off to finish unpacking!

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Lauri said...

I'm glad you are starting to get more settled in...I'm sure you are feeling the weight being lifted off of your chest! I also LOVE your blue Buddah...I've never seen one like that, and I think it's gorgeous!

I know I haven't been around in a's been really hard on me losing my friend. But...I'm kinda starting to want to start doing some things again. Definitely going to check out that Art Pub link and hopefully get some inspiration!