Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holiday Preparations

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It's amazing the things you find when you are unpacking. These guys were in a tin I had forgotten about. They're little wool ornies I made and then stashed. I also came across a collection of artsy Xmas ornies from friends that I have collected over the years. I guess I should look for some sort of small tree for in my studio to hang them on.

Speaking of decorating, when American Thanksgiving rolls around, I always get a twinge of envy. Not for the Thanksgiving itself-I am perfectly happy celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving, which falls in the first week of October. No, the envy comes from having a pre-set, socially acceptable day to kick off the holidays. I always think that US turkey day is like the starter's pistol going off at the beginnign of a race. "And they're off!!" They know once the left overs are safely tucked into the fridge they can begin the shopping, decorating, card writing and all the 1001 other detail of Xmas with a clear conscience. Most Canadians will put off all this stuff until absolutely necessary. If anyone has lights on their house before December 1st, their neighbours think they are freaks!

I have already entertained the thought several times as to whether or not I should suggest getting our tree. I am afraid if I bring it up any time before the 18th, my husband will grumble. He thinks the tree should go up on Xmas Eve and come down on Boxing Day. LOL! I personally don't mind putting it up, I hate taking it down! And of course ours will be a real tree. My son actually asked me what kind we would get this year, as if there were any question. I told him we live in a province known for forestry so why on earth would we have a fake tree?!? EWW! If I am going to have a tree, then it had better smell like a tree-that the best part about it!

Oh and for those of you who were wondering, the sneaux was indeed gone come Monday morning-we had a rain storm that washed it all away. The roads are bare now, if not a tad icy in the mornings, but yesterday I went out in the evening in only a hoodie, so that tells you what the temperatures were like. Most of the time, it's not terribly cold here.

I have been busy with family visiting and staying with us this week, so I haven't had much studio time. It's back to work today! In the meantime, if you want some artsy inspiration and excitement, please check out the new Artpub Blog. There's plenty to keep you entertained-free images, give-aways and all sorts of other good stuff. On my little corner of it, I've posted shared some ideas about my approach to goal setting, just in time for the new year. This blog is not going anywhere-this is my main blog, but I will be posting from time to time on the new one and the content will be unique to that blog. You'll want to bookmark though, it so you don't miss anything!

There is also alot going on over at the 12 Days of Xmas exchange blog. We begin opening our gifts next Wednesday and will share what's inside one by one. Apparently, I've started quite a trend-there are similar projects popping up all over the place.

Okay, time for me to run-I want to pop into my Post Office and see what goodies are waiting in the magic mailbox this morning. I have 5 more gifts that should be arriving any minute now. Laters!

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THese littl guys are just plain adorable!