Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 Olympics Days 12, 13 & 14

Hello Peeps! I am back after a busy week! Day 11 is missing because I had Monday off. I am going to try and post twice today, as I have lots of pics to share. The one above is the Quatchi in the Waterfront Station, main hallway. I've been passing it for days and finally stopped long enough to snap a pic.

This is how our day starts off everyday. We gather in one area of the concourse and await our assignments. It's a brief time to play catch up with the people we've gotten to know over the last two weeks.

This is the east entrance. People are lining up to go through security and come in to see the victory ceremonies. I was out in the rain at the west entrance all night and it was pretty darn cold!

Here's a long view of the east entrance. After all the beautiful, warm weather, we got rain, rain, rain...and then it got nice again. Crazy west coast weather!

Russian Sochi House in the rain.

And the Athlete's Village.

This is The Plaza of Nations, a leftover from Expo '86. This is where most of us go for our food service.

And this is the food service area in the Stadium. It's smaller than Plaza of Nations, so only about 1/4 of the volunteers eat here each night.

Here is the Workforce check-in tent. This is where we go through security every day and then we proceed to the white tent behind to pick up our newsletters, get our gifts for working our shifts and pick up bottled water for the day. There's always a TV on in the tent so we can keep up to date with all the events of the day.

This is where I was stationed last night, just out in front of the stadium, at Terry Fox Square, which happens to be right across the street from the Alberta House. I was happy about that because while doing my job (which was answering questions and giving directions) I was able to watch the final moment of the Canadian Women's hockey game (GOLD MEDAL!!) and the later to see Joannie Rochette win a BRONZE MEDAL!!

I am *SO* happy for her. After the tragedy of losing her mother so unexpectedly last weekend, it took great courage and strength of character to get out onto the ice and give her best. I wanted so badly for her to win for herself. I am pleased that she was able to have that bittersweet moment. We are so very proud of her.

Here's a peek at the Olympic Family (meaning the IOC and Federations members) Lounge. It's quite nice and the First Nation's Art is really beautiful.

Here are the flags just outside the Olympic Family Lounge. It's kind of cool to see an Olympic flag up close.

So I am off on a much needed break today. Tomorrow I have the morning off, so I am going to have a haircut and then I have rehearsals for the Closing Ceremonies from 3-7 p.m. This is with my small team that marshalls the Athletes, so we'll be finding out what we need to do. It's hard to believe we're down to the wire here! It's gone by so quickly! I am excited for the big party that the Closing Ceremonies will be. I am also excited for the Opening of the Paralympic Games in 2 weeks. I will be at the ceremonies, with my small team again.

This morning got an offer for the Paralympic Games, volunteering at VANOC headquarters, helping with booking transport. It should be fun and a nice change of pace. I did dispatch for VIP transportation for the World Police & Fire Games, so hopefully it's much the same type of job. I guess I won't know till I get there, but that's okay! I'm up for the adventure!

Oh and I have a short video of a High School Band from Sardis, BC who were rehearsing right outside our Workforce tent on Wednesday. It was a great way to start out our day!

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