Monday, March 22, 2010

40 Things Before I Am 40.

( A recent perfect day.)

Yes, as of 6:30 a.m. this morning, I am 39! Woohoo! In honour of my 39th trip around the sun, I decided to devise a list of 40 things I want to do before I'm 40:

1. Make some new art friends 2. Get a tattoo (though first I have to find out if this is feasible, given my health.) 3. Go to the Olympics4. Meet some athletes 5. See Barenaked Ladies perform 6. Write & publish another zine 7. Keep my ROD journal till it's filled up 8. Brush up on my Spanish 9. Work on a large canvass 10. Learn a new art skill 11. Go swimming in the ocean 12. Go on a picnic with my sweetie 13. See the Olympic Flame 14. Watch the Olympic Torch Relay 15. Cut my hair short again 16. Host an art project over the summer 17. Take a day trip somewhere local but fun 18. Carry the Paralympic Torch 19. Ride the Zip line 20. Purchase and teach myself to play a harmonica 21. Make a journal out of my Olympic ephemera and journal in it. 22. Submit something for publication 23. Host a swap or two 24. Photograph my favourite trees in Stanley Park to show the progression of the seasons 25. Create a calendar from my own art for 2011 26. Print photos that I have taken from the Games so I can use them in my journal 27. Do one project that's outside my comfort zone this year 28. Host an art party 29. Spend a weekend playing with paint 30. Learn a new skill 31. Make and send away some RAKs 32. Discover some new magazines/zines and buy/read them regularly 33. Take my laptop and/or journal to a funky coffee shop and write 34. Sew myself some cool pillows 35. Clean out the closet in my studio and reorganize it.

As you can see, some of the things on my list are already crossed off. I actually started keeping this list in January. I figured given the state of me, I needed to have a running start at it. I have 5 more things left to add, but I want to leave room for ideas that might come to me in the next while.

Feel free to play along if you're celebrating your 39th this year and see what you can accomplish before your next birthday! If you do post a list to your blog, give me a shout and I will link up with you!

You know, it's amazing how many artsy people are born in the month of March. Sisters Linda Woods, Karen Dinino, Tracy Roos, who is also celebrating her birthday today, Tricia Anders...we Aries are the do-ers and the Pisces folks are the dreamers. It makes for some pretty prolific art peeps!

I had some lovely goodies, via snail mail from friends that I will share tomorrow. I'm off to celebrate this morning with my best friend. We're going for pedicures and then lunch. Sounds like heaven to me!


Carmen said...

Awesome list!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Happy Birthday to you!! What a great list! Maybe I can join in on a swap or two?!! I hope that today is WONDERFUL!

Diva Kreszl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! what an amzing and inspiring list sweetie!

Tricia said...

you are such a dear!! xoxo lovely happy happy birthday

Bettyann said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Pilar said...

Happy, happy birthday, dear friend! xoxoxoxo

Deb said...

Happy Birthday, my sweet Tuna! Wish I could join in on the 39th birthday discussion. Alas - I remember NOT my 39th. Do you realize I am SOOOOOO much older than you! For my special BIG birthday this year I want to wander far away - by myself - and ponder. And when I am thinking of all the good things in my life, you will be at the top of the list!

P.S. Did you wear your Rock Star Glasses to celebrate #39?

BabaLinda said...

Happy Birthday, Lelainia!
I met you when I took an altered book workshop at Porier Library (for free mind you and thank you) a couple of years ago. I came looking for you tonight and found your blog just in time to say Happy Birthday. It looks like you are having way too much fun. Good for you.
You are personally responsible for setting me on my way to creating altered board books. I actually just showed some in a recent blog.
I was looking to see if you have some mixed media classes on the go???
Maybe I can be on your list of making new art friends (1. on your to do list)...
Would love to see what you are offering.
xoxoxLinda Peragallo

Judy Wise said...

You can add me and the famous ceramic artist Beatrice Woods to the list; both of us born on March 3rd. Are we the dreamers or do-ers? ha ha. A lot of both, I'd guess. xo