Sunday, September 25, 2011

With My Little Eye

 Yesterday my husband, Indy and I went and poked around the edges of Chinatown. It's an area of Vancouver that was established in 1887, making it 124 years old and one of the oldest and most interesting parts of the city. I saw several buildings that were built in the 1920's. I love old architecture!

Anyway, the whole point of going down there was to see what I could see and capture the best of it with my Rebel.

Urban Landscape

I think of everything I shot yesterday, this turned out to be the coolest. It's two photos, which I layered together and then finessed. If you saw the original photo of the runners, it was nothing to write home about, but when I saw them hanging there, in the lane, I instantly knew I needed to shoot them. The "32" was a piece of graffiti I found in another laneway.

1000 Fishes 

The Chinese grocers (of which there are many!) have bins and bins and bins of all manner of foodstuffs. There are mushrooms, fish, nuts and seeds. There were also bins that I didn't even have a clue what in them, (things from the sea, I think...) but I liked the piles of dried fish. I find them interesting. So much texture for the eye!


This is a portion of a photo I have. In it, my Gramps, who is about 3 years old and his older brother who is 4 are dressed in matching thick sweaters, short pants and wool socks. My most favourite part of the photo is my Grandad's little shoes and the rough worn floorboards of the porch. I digitally cropped it to enhance this perspective and worked some texture magic, making a favourite photo, even more special.

One week left of Swan Dive. It's sure gone by quickly-time does indeed fly when you're having fun!


Jeanne said...

Totally enjoyed your post. How fun it is to go on those photo outings and your shots were super. I also love the one you cropped of your gramps and his shoes. I have lots of old photos, but need to figure out how to scan them in. Great idea and my kids would love some of those as a gift. Thanks for the idea, and really enjoyed your post. Jeanne

Deb said...

LOVE the first one especially. I didn't see the shoes hanging on the line until the 3rd time I looked at it ... so COOL. I know Gramps is out there somewhere, marveling at the 3rd photo. How neat, my friend. You are so prolific - I am amazed (and jealous)! Kudos once again!