Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photo Date: Chinatown

My friend Carol and I went on another photo date today in Chinatown. I think we could visit it fairly often and always find something interesting to photograph. Like this Chinese lion, for example. I didn't even see a few weeks ago when I was there. There are a few streets I obviously missed the first time.

I found another cool door to add to my collection. This one has a "1/2" address. Apparently this was not uncommon years ago, before the city cracked down on the proper numbering of buildings. I am assuming that any of them still marked like this were grandfathered in. Chinatown was established in 1887 and was declared a heritage site just last week. It's definitely a unique area of our city and deserves to be preserved, not only as an important cultural community, but for the beautiful architecture as well.

Carol and I also wandered through Livingston Park. We were drawn there by the riot of colour we could see from a distance. As evidenced by this photo, Autumn is in full swing here on the west coast of Canada. It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend. We ended up over at Granville Island to meet up with my husband and Indy for lunch al fresco. It was the perfect way to wrap up such a wonderful day.

Tomorrow I will tell you about what else Carol and I discovered today. It's weird...and kind of interesting.

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