Monday, November 19, 2012

Home Again

Wednesday morning was quite intense. It's no easy thing sending someone you love so very much off to have a major organ removed. I was working really hard not to let my mind go to dark places. Fortunately, my best friend was with me the entire time, which made things so much better. The surgeon is very happy with the surgery and my husband came through just fine. I am extremely grateful.

He's recovering slowly, but surely and his incision, which is epic (a foot long) is healing nicely. He's was in a fair bit of pain in the beginning, but with good pain meds, it was manageable. He was also dealing with nausea any time he got upright, but they also gave him meds for that.

Indy was completely baffled as to where his dad was. Every day at 4 pm, he held a vigil at the window, expecting him to come home from work. When he didn't return, he resorted to lying so he could stare at the back door. It was sweet, but kind of sad, really. Thursday night he must have been lonely because at 2 am, he came into my room and asked for permission to come up on the bed. He curled up at my feet. I didn't mind. The house was far too quiet for both of us.

Surprisingly, good dogs who are well behaved and quiet can visit at our hospital, so on Thursday, I surprised my husband by bringing him with me. At first he though I'd snuck Indy in. (He had no idea where  his room was in the hospital or he would have realized that was impossible.) Indy was so happy to see him and anyone who crossed our path wanted to meet my sweet boy. Indy got to visit twice.

My husband came home yesterday, but not before he was kicked out of his room and into the hallway for a night. I won't even comment on that because I have nothing polite to say about it. Neither of us was impressed. He'll get his staples out in about a week and we'll find out what the scoop is. His pain level is improving, which is good.

Meanwhile, we're dealing with the stress of applying for medical Employment Insurance. Normally when you apply, there's the mandatory 2 week waiting period. On Friday when I delivered the last of the paperwork, I was informed that there's a 4 week processing backlog. This means 6 weeks without a single pay cheque. I honestly do not know how our government can get away with this. I am angry and frustrated. I think anyone who is facing a catastrophic illness should not have to wait 2 weeks, never mind 6! How do they expect people to survive? It's the kind of stress we do not need right now, on top of everything else.

I think the stress of the past week has caught up with me. I am not feeling very good-I think I'm coming down with something. I'm trying to rest as much as possible.

Thank you to everyone who has showered us with prayers, positive vibes and good wishes via email or phone or who stopped by the hospital to visit. The love and support has been very much appreciated. 


Bettyann said...

So glad your husband came through the surgery fine. You are right the government should not have a waiting period for sick leave. I understand about the order for my MIL to be admitted to RCH when she broke a hip, someone else had to go into the hallway for 2 nights. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Leilainia. You know I'm with you all in my heart, doing what I can to hold you up. You'll get through this. I don't typically say that to people but I really really believe that.