Saturday, February 02, 2013

Be Open to Whatever Comes Next

A message of accessibility in Whistler Village.

Yesterday I got the most wonderful opportunity offered to me. My friend Andrea Bundon. emailed to ask if I would be interested in joining her for the Skiing Is Believing clinic at Whistler Olympic Park in March. The clinic teaches people with disabilities and a friend or family member to ski. Because the March event is the final one of the season, they have also invited the junior ski team and the Para-nordic race team to join them. 

 They're running a shuttle bus up to Whistler and back, so it will be a relaxing trip and after a brief orientation, everyone ski till 1 pm, have a lunch break and then casual group skiing or games till the bus leaves for home at 4 pm. Sounds like alot of fun! My job is to take photos of the event that can be submitted to their funders-the Canadian Paralympic Committee and Cross Country BC, which is circulated to a few thousand skiers in the province. (WOW!)

 Andrea also said that if I wanted to try skiing they would happily provide me with equipment and a coach. Or I could spend some time taking photos on my own-whatever I like! It would be a great opportunity to strap on some skis see if I can still do it. I haven't cross country skied since I moved to BC from Manitoba 27 years ago. I used to cross country ski alot in the winter. I loved listening to the rhythm of my breath, the swish of my skies and the deafening silence of the countryside. Cross country skiing is like a zen meditation.

I of course have jumped at the chance to help Andrea and support Para sport! I can't think of anything that would make me happier! I love the Paralympics, I adore Whistler, the sneaux and I love to volunteer. It's a win-win, any way you slice it! I've got March 16th circled on my calendar in big red pen and am counting the days! I just need to purchase a new pair of sneaux boots and beg or borrow a long lens for my Rebel and I'm all set!

The mountains are calling and I must go!


Carol Browne said...

SNEAUX boots FTW! This sounds like a you will have an excellent time. The photos will be so great - I can't wait to see them.

Seth said...

What a great -- and fun -- opportunity. I hope we get to see the pictures too.

Bettyann said...

Wow...congrats...have a fabulous time whatever you do on the trip xxx

gisele said...

"The mountains are calling and I must go!" oh, I feel this pull all the time. what an opportunity! It might be good to strap on some skiis as a way to get you places to take photographs. You won't want to be walking part-way down the mountain! Have fun, sounds like a fabulous time. These kinds of events are always so fun (and challenging) to photograph.