Monday, July 15, 2013

Scenes From the Weekend

On Sunday, we got up early to take Indy to check out a new (to us) park along the Fraser River. He loves anywhere where he has the opportunity to swim. 
This particular park is across the water from YVR (Vancouver International Airport) so we got to watch lots of planes coming in, which I enjoyed. I even spotted a seal swimming along.

I kind of love this silhouette shot of Indy playing in the waves.

The nosy nose that knows.

Plus a quick selfie, just for good measure. It feels good to be shooting with my Rebel again. I've been neglecting it of late, in favour of getting familiar with my iPhone camera and a bunch of photography apps. It's good fun, but really, my DSLR is my first love. There's just no comparison.

In case you're wondering, the apps I am enjoying are:

 They are all good, but Typic Pro is my personal favourite of the bunch!
If you have some photography apps you love, please comment & let me know what they are!

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Amy Huff said...

I love Picfx as my go to for Sophy pics. Folks also rave about Camera+ which you can use to take photos but I'm eh.

And I still love the idea of Hipstamatic but in reality it's kind of a pain.