Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It's the Small Things

Yesterday I finally got my hands on a copy of Rage, the latest novel by my favourite author, Jonathan Kellerman. I just happened to read the jacket and lo and behold he now has a website. So I checked it out this morning and there was a place where you could submit comments/email to him. I thought "why not?" and then emailed him to tell him how much I enjoy reading his work. A few hours later, there in my inbox is an email from the man himself thanking me for my comments.

I am impressed-not only a great writer, but also a nice* man who actually takes the time out of his busy life to read his emails and respond. I am hugely impressed. It's good to know there are famous people out there who are kind and humble. I think the quality of humbleness (or is that humility? Ack! I don't know!) is highly underrated.

In any case, I have added his website to my links page if you are interested in checking it out. I own all his novels and I can say I they are worth every penny. So if you are looking for a excellent crime serial, read his Alex Delaware series. There are enough novels in this series to keep you reading through the end of the year if you start at the beginning. (Also assuming you devour books like I do. My husband claims I eat books for breakfast.) Happy reading!

*I mean nice as in Canadian view of nice-here nice is a high compliment!

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