Tuesday, November 21, 2006

From Sorrow to Joy

I am sharing this entry in my Moleskine as part of Michelle Ward's Street Team Crusade #2. The song I chose to journal about is "I Find Your Love" by Beth Neilsen Chapman. I heard a snippet of it when watching Calendar Girls when it first came out and I just thought it was so beautiful and moving. Here are the lyrics, in case you can't quite read them in my entry:

I'll catch your smile on someone's face

Your whisper in the wind's embrace

Through diamond stars and songs and dreams

I find your love in everything.

The sun, the sky, the rolling sea

All conspire to comfort me

From sorrow's edge, life's beauty seems

to find your love in everything.

I've come to trust the hope it brings

To find your love in everything

Even as I fall apart

Even through my shattered heart

I'll catch your smile on someone's face

....amazing grace....

I really love a song with beautiful lyrics and this one makes me cry every time. It about sums up my experience of grieving.

On a completely different note, these beautiful earrings arrived in the mail yesterday along with another 12 days of Xmas gift. They were made by Kristen Robinson as a thank you for hosting and I am just delighted by them. They are so delicate and lovely and the best part is, they are not blatantly Christmassy so I can wear them year round. I have to go see the ENT this afternoon so I am going to put them on, since they will be checking out my poor ears! Thank you Kristen, I really, really love them!! I would much rather wear handmade jewelry than store bought any day!


christine said...

Ooooh your journal entry is amazing -- I love it!!!!! :)

Kristen Robinson said...

I love your entry for GPP SUPPPPER. The colors are GRAND. I am so glad you like your baubles I loved making them for you and have so enjoyed the wonderful swap. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

love the earrings your friend made, i checked her site and cannot find the place she might be selling them? do you know if she is? they are really darling!!

michelle said...

very special journal page....pretty soft colors matching a pretty soft song. loved the movie - the best! thanks for sharing!