Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New In The Mercantile

Hi Folks! Just a really quick update to let you know I have listed a couple "quilty" things in the Tattered Edge Mercantile. I hope to be able to make a few more of the Pieces from the Past Charms. I just need to get my hands on some more frames. (Working on it!) Anyway, if you feel like peeking, please do.

Happy Thanksgiving (tomorrow) to all my American Friends. Thank you for blessing my life, for making me laugh, for sharing your art with me.

And Deb, my husband said I was welcome to pop on over to Cody for turkey when I said I was having turkey envy. Joke's on him-little did he know you had already invited me!! What time is dinner?

EDIT: I was able to get more frames, so look for more charms to appear in the mercantile shortly. In the meantime, I just uploaded another goodie!

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Anonymous said...

I love these little quilties ~ really lovely Jx