Thursday, November 23, 2006

By My Hand

Can you guess who this might be for? If you guessed a certain Cowboy's Sweetheart, you'd be right. This is a pendant I made for Deb for Xmas and before you chide me for sharing it here and blowing the surprise, she already knows about it. I shared it with her last night because I couldn't stand not to. As soon as I saw the cowboy themed papers from Cosmo Cricket, I knew I had to buy some and make some goodies for her. There's more to her pending parcel than this, but I am going to be a paragon of restraint (HA!) and not show her any more!!

If you haven't had the pleasure of checking out Cosmo Cricket, you really are missing out. Their papers and other doo-dads are so pretty and the colours are so subtle. I just love their style. (And they are super nice people to boot!)

I have two more classes to teach in the next wek or so and then my version of Santa's workshop begins in ernest. I want to make some handmade gifts this year! Speaking of which, I had added a few new things to the Tattered Edge Mercantile. I plan to add a few more in the next little while, as time allows.

If you are participating in the Breast Friends Collaborative, you can find all the info here. Please have your pages and charms in the mail to me on or before Dec. 4th.

If you want to add a button to your blog to show your support for Joanna, you will need to email me. I can't respond via Blogger.

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Charlotte (Lolly Kems) said...

Those little charms are so fun - if you ever want to make a viking one, lemme know :-PP You're certainly keeping busy - wish I had some of your energy LOL! Keep it up!

Charlotte x

ps pls note new blog addy - cheers ;-)