Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Good Things Come in Small Packages

The Magical Mailbox has been working overtime this week. I received Melissa's Moleskine, (we are doing very small journal RR) along with this adorable little house ornie. I have it hanging on the cupboard door on my computer desk, along with a few others. I am looking foreward to playing in her journal!

Also in yesterday's mail was this beautiful bracelet from Kristen. She sent it as a thank you for hosting the Valentine's exchange. (Which by the way, begins TOMORROW!!) Kristen's jewellery is so delicate and beautiful and I feel incredibly spoiled to now have a nice little collection of it. I love handmade jewellery-it has so much soul to it and it's especially meaningful when your firneds create it for you.

As is the other two things weren't enough, I also received this surprise from Deb Denton. (Sorry, no link!) Deb sent it as a thank you for participating in a collaborative project (the details of which are still a secret) that will be appearing in Somerset, come the fall. I will share more about it when I can, without blowing the surprise for the recipiants. The art on this pendant is from part of the book. How cool is that?

Thanks ladies for all the sweet and thoughtful gifts. I am a lucky girl indeed!

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