Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Isn't this little house just delightful? It came yesterday from my friend Liz who is so thoughtful. Really, she is one of those people you just want to hug. She made this for me as a thank you for hosting the Be My Valentine gift exchange. It was such a wonderful surprise and it means the world to me. I love little folk art things and this one is all the more special because it's her art.
Speaking of Liz, she is going through a really hard time right now. Her mother-in-law suffered a stroke two days ago, so if you can, please pop over to her blog and leave her some kind words. She could really use the support right now. It seems like 2007 has really started off on the wrong foot in terms of several friends in the artistic community facing a health crisis or a death in the family. What is always wonderful to see is everyone coming together to support one another, whether it's sending an ecard, snail mail, a package, offering prayers or making a phone call to check up on them. There are some very kind and generous folks out there! Art is not only about the work you create, but the community you become a part of. It allows for connections between people who might not have met otherwise and it's at times like these that I realize how precious those connections are.


Shari Beaubien said...

What a lovely gift, for a lovely hostess. Hugs, Shari

Deb said...

How wonderful, and of course it's even more delightful that it came from Liz! She's a sweetie, and so are u.


kathywas said...

What an adorable little house! It was so sweet of Liz to remember you with this wonderful thank-you! You are truly blessed.