Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ft. Langley

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This morning we drove out to Fort Langley to take a walk and shoot some photos. It was beautiful again today-warm and sunny and it finally feels like spring. Everything is lush and green and the cherry trees are blooming. They are simply stunning.

One of my all time favourite antique malls is in Fort Langley and I couldn't resist going in a poking around. It just feels so good to be amongst all the old things. Old things have so much more soul than modern things. They have a history and I love nothing more than to find little treasures, to hold them in my hands and ponder where they came from and who they belonged to in a previous life.

Remember yesterday I was looking for an antique toast holder? Well today I struck paydirt. I found the one pictured above, which is sterling silver and made in England. It's perfect. It wasn't even overly expensive (under $10) so I snapped it up and soon it will hold odds and ends of art work in-progress on my desk. When I went to pay for it, the lady at the desk mentioned to me that lots of people were buying them to use on their desks. I told her that was also my intent and that I figured if you have to have things to keep organized, they may as well be pretty. She agreed.

My fondest dream is to win the lotto and then go shopping there to furnish my home. I would take home all the little wee wooden chairs, just to have. I would buy a well weathered sideboard and fill it with old mint green dishes and antique linens with red embroidery on them. I would want all kinds of old kitchen utensils-tin cookie cutters, metal eggbeaters, fancy cookie sheets and muffin tins...I want it all! The most lovely thing about this antique mall is that they have several alcoves dedicated to just kitchenware. I love standing in them feasting my eyes and drooling. The colours, the classic lines that have stood the test of time, the textiles...*swoons* These are the things that speak to my heart.

While we were poking around, by chance I came across this kitchen tool that had my son's name on it. We had a good laugh over it and I really should have bought it to hang in his kitchen some day. (And perhaps he could use it-it was a meat carving tool that acts like a giant fork. I believe it's meant to be used on large quantities of meat.) Next time I got out to Fort Langley, if it's still there, I am going to buy it and put it away. Someday when he gets married, it would be funny to wrap it and give it to him as a surprise.

Copyright Tattered Edge 2007

We finished off our visit with lunch at this 50's diner we like. The food is wonderful and they have little jukeboxes at each table so you can choose classic 1950's music to listen to while you eat, for a mere 25c a tune. That's great fun for cheap! They have a soda counter and you can also order ice cream. The place was hoppin' the whole time we were there-it's always busy, but especially on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It's a big hit with tourists, but the locals love it too.

It's so fabulous to be able to get out, get some fresh air and relax! I hope you had a relaxing weekend too!

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Studio Panorama said...

i LOVE that mall and need to revisit it soon! Thanks for the reminder.