Monday, May 26, 2008

Studio Renovation!

So at long last, here are photos of my closet reno. First, this is what the closet looked like prior to renovation. It's pretty hideous, isn't it? One lone shelf and that's it. Everything was in boxes and every time I wanted or needed something, I had to take everything out to look for it. That got old pretty fast!

What you can't see is that on that shelf, there was a ton of stuff piled up and up-there is actually about 3 feet clearance above the shelf. Only problem is, I am not super tall so the more I stacked up there, the harder it became to get things down.

This is after the reno. My friend Lance, who is incredibly talented designed this built in shelving for me. It took a day and a half to cut and install it all and it's just fantastic! There are seven (count 'em seven!) levels of shelves, specifically sized to accommodate the boxes I had purchased to sort and store my art stuff in. Oh how I love Ikea!

I also have some nice paper trays, gifted to my by my friend Sandy that are perfect for storing the various envelopes, page protectors, etc. that I have. As you can see, I still have stuff stacked on the highest shelf, but it's not near as much as before and it's not anything I really need to access on regular basis anyway.

I have gone through everything, sorted it and carefully labelled it so that if I am looking for something, I can tell at a glance which box it's in. I can't tell you how much I love seeing everything neatly stored. It makes me happy knowing that I am never going to have to waste time searching for things!

Down at the bottom, Lance left enough room so that I could fit a Rubbermaid full of tools (soldering irons, bench block, hammer, clamps, etc.) on one side and my great big Xyron machine on the other. I wanted to have the heaviest stuff stored at the bottom so I could just slide them out when I need them and not worry about excessive weight on the shelves. The tool box weights a tonne!

I also wanted to show you this. It's the brainchild of my friend Penn. I was visiting with her a few weeks ago and bemoaning the fact that my paper ephemera is an absolute nightmare to organize. She suggested that I purchase a couple of literature sorters at an office supply store and then fit these recycled transparency boxes into it.

I sorted my ephemera into categories and then put them into a box and labelled the box. Now when I need something I can just reach over and pull out the box I need, get whatever I want from it and then just slide it back in! Brilliant! The sorter holds 32 boxes-that's alot of ephemera! Not all the boxes are full yet, but that's okay!
I purchased a new desk a few weeks ago and was able to reorganize that too. Now it is much more user friendly. I love the little metal flowerpots I found at Ikea. I thought they would work well for all the pens, markers, etc. that I like to have close at hand. I was even able to "decorate" them with some art magnets I had. If I get tired of them, I can always switch them out.

Okay so I know this probably isn't going to be too terribly exciting to anyone but me, but here's the digital tower fan I bought a week ago for my studio. I am in love! It's so quiet and has a remote control so I can turn it off and on, set the temperature and make it osculate without having to run over to it to do it. It even has a sleep timer and can be set to vary the strength of the breeze as if you were outside and the wind was softly blowing. Amazing!

Best of all, it's tall and skinny, so it hardly takes up any room in my studio. It's going to make being in here over the summer totally pleasant. We get full sun on this side of the house most of the day so if I didn't have this fan, I don't think I would be making much art!

Lastly, this is the new printer my husband purchased last weekend. It's replacing the old Lexmark I had. While the Lexmark still works just fine, it was HUGE and very expensive to buy inks for. One ink cartridge was $50! I do a fair amount of printing and it just wasn't happy-making to have to go and drop $100 on ink. Anyway, this one is smaller and it's still an all-in-one like the old one. I haven't tried the scanner feature on it yet, but I'll be tackling that on the weekend.

So...that's what I've been up to the last week or so-working on organizing my studio and getting everything ship-shape for summer. A huge THANK YOU to Lance for all his help and expertise. It turned out exactly how I had envisioned and I am just so grateful for his time and energy. There's no way I could have done this without him. He is my renovation hero!


MB Shaw said...

Gorgeous! Nothing better than a nice organized studio. Can't wait to see what you make.

Hermila said...

Love your organized closet, have a question: How tall and wide is the "literature sorter" and where did you get the "recycled transparency boxes"?? looks perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, a girl after my own heart! Another neat freak !
Just love it when things are neat and orderly....fantastic.

Trish, fellow ROD-DER from Australia