Saturday, May 17, 2008

Where in the world.... I? Truth be told, I am hibernating in my studio. Yes, the warm weather is finally upon us and I do not tolerate heat well. Right now I have every fan I own running because it's about 28C in the house. UGH!

My guys are away on a "male bonding" weekend together in the interior so I have the pleasure of four whole days to run amuck! Yesterday I went summer clothes shopping. I've rented a stack of movies only I would enjoy watching. (So far, the Great Debators was really, really good.) I am reading Gordon Ramsey's autobiography, which is really interesting. I am making whatever suits my fancy for meals. It's an odd little vacation, but a good one.

Tomorrow my friend Lance, who is my best friend Lisa's husband is coming over to help me do my closet reno. I figured it would be easier to do it when they guys aren't here so I could just pull everything out of the closet and stack it in my son's bedroom across the hall.

Lance has kindly volunteered to help me buy the right stuff, bring tools and help me get it ship shape in a matter of hours. He's great with do-it-yourself projects so I am sure it's going to work out fine. I will post before and after photos of the reno in my next post so you can see how it all turned out.

Lisa will be coming over after work tomorrow to watch a couple movies I rented that she wanted to see too so we're having a girl's night. Hopefully it will be cooler tomorrow because we plan to make pizza. I can't imagine turning the oven on if it's like this. If it is, I think we'll end up ordering in or BBQ-ing....

Tuesday, I am going with them to Seattle for the day and picking up my Flip Video! 3 more days! I can hardly wait! Question is, what to film about first?!?

Happy Victoria Day weekend to my fellow Canadians! Travel safe if you are on the roads and have a good one!

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Sharon said...

I just love those kinds of little vacations. You have planned all the things that I do when my dh go off to the hunting lease. Good luck witht he closet reno