Friday, June 06, 2008

Juicy Layers

Hello! I'm back. It's been a busy week of preparing a workshop for the kids at Banting Middle School which I taught yesterday. 52 kids over two classes! It was loud, crazy, messy and FUN!
Here is some of the work they did-some are completed, some will be finishing up on Monday.

Look at the juicy layers in this one-gorgeous!

I love the colour combination in this one. Very aquatic.


The light wasn't great, but this one is metallic copper.

Paintings in the window to dry.

Great colours-I love to see other people's use of colour. I always learn something.

This one reminds me of an old wall with layers of paint peeling off.

I thought this was cool.

This one was one I didn't see in progress-someone cut their canvass down and did their hand print but I adore this one. I think it belongs in a frame. The layers are fantastic and the colours are amazing!!

The kids were absolutely fearless in just laying the layers down. Glue and paint were flying everywhere! (No lie!) Amazingly, at the end, the art room was spotless.

At the end of the day, I stopped at Starbuck's on the way home-I was dying of thirst. I tried verbalising my order, but my brain and my mouth were not communicating properly. Eventually I managed to get my order out. I explained to the guy who was serving me that I had just spent the whole day working with 52 kids, making art and my brain was tired. When he rang up my order, he told me my drink was on him! Isn't that sweet? I thought that was just the nicest thing ever!

And of special note today, two of my most favourite people on the planet are celebrating their birthdays today. My son is celebrating his 17th birthday and it is also my sweet friend Anna's birthday as well! Happy birthday dear ones and thank you for blessing my life!

Happy birthday also to the Dalai Lama. June 6th is an auspicious day to be born on!


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

happy birthday to your son..
and the art is wonderful.
xoxo nita

amy said...

All of the hand artwork is so cool! I love all the color combinations. They did great work!

liz elayne lamoreux said...

juicy artwork indeed...
you are very brave to be teaching so many students!!
love this glimpse into that world though...pretty incredible.