Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This 'N That

Hi Folks! We're just gearing up for our Valentine's exchange! Parcels are going out in the mail by the end of this week and we'll be sharing all the photos and fun here.

In other news. we are getting slammed with sneaux on the west coast. Yesterday I had an early appointment which meant driving before the plows had had a chance to make a dent in the mess on the roads. Thank goodness for my Winnipeg upbringing! I managed to get to my destination safely and in a respectable amount of time. We got another dump overnight, which means more shovelling for my son (this is where having a big strapping young man comes in handy) and more stress for my sweet husband who is in construction and out braving the roads to get to the jobsites. It's a wonder they called him out at all today. I am just praying he gets from A to B and back again without incident. Have I mentioned lately how much I loathe January?

If you haven't checked out the Artpub Studios Blog yet, you may want to do so. We have some new members who have just launched their AP blogs and there's lots of good reading, information, inspiration and freebies there. 17 active blogs in one and counting-it doesn't get any better than that!

Taking a moment to answer a couple of questions:
1. Someone asked if the Zines I have created as my handouts were for sale on Etsy. Unfortunately, no, but thanks for asking!
2. What's up with my RSS feed? Um... that's a good question. I am pretty techie, but this is beyond me. I don't know why you can't add me to a blog feed and if I knew how to fix it, I would. I don't, but I hope you will bookmark me and pop by to peek in just the same.

Tomorrow evening is the first of 2 FREE workshops I am presenting at Poirier Library. I am hoping the weather will behave so folks will be able to attend. I am looking forward to seeing everyone!

Speaking of which, I need to get things packed up and ready to go here, so I'd better run. See you tomorrow!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Adventures in TV Land

So my segment on Breakfast Television went very well today. I took my son with me not only as my right hand man, but also because I wanted to share the experience with him. We were on the road by just after 6 a.m. and arrived at the station by 7-ish. It's amazing how deserted downtown is at that hour, but it was a good thing because it made parking easy.

We entered the building and Simi Sara and Dave Gerry were right there in the front studio doing their broadcast. It was odd walking in and having them 10 feet away and on live TV. I always thought the studio was much larger, but it's not-it's surprisingly a very small space!

Once we checked in, we were taken the the Green Room to wait. They had all kinds of sweet rolls and coffee waiting. The producer arrived and we went over all the samples I had brought and got them set up. There were other guests on first so I got to watch them have their turn.

Just before I went on, the makeup artist did my makeup, which was really nice. I am not huge on wearing makeup, but she managed to make me look good while still looking natural, which I liked. Then the producer got me miked up and out I went.

I was suppose to be interviewed by Simi but apparently Dave is the artistic one, so he did the interview instead. I didn't feel nervous at all and the whole thing went by really quickly. I can't even really remember what I said. *laughs* Afterwards, the ladies were looking at all the ATCs I'd brought and asking questions as I packed up. It's always great to have people greet what you do with such enthusiasm.

After we left, my son and I went out to celebrate with brunch at Solly's. By the time I got home, there were voice mails and emails from local friends and family with congratulations waiting for me. I have yet to see the segment myself. My husband set the VCR, but not being the technical one, something happened and it stopped recording about 20 minutes before I came on. (That will teach me!) My best friend taped it and will hopefully be giving me a copy on Wednesday so I can see.

I have to say, one of the very best parts of my job is all the wonderful opportunities that come along. Because of art, I have been invited to do and experience things I would otherwise probably not have. I love the adventure of it all-meeting new people, sharing what I love and learning new things. I am very grateful for all the magic in my life. Dare to dream people, dare to dream!

TV Time!

C0pyright Tattered Edge 2008

It's o'dark thirty and I am off to the studio to do my interview! Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Studio Update

All the handouts for my trunk show, which come in the form of a zine are completed, despite the fact that my trip to the printer's today was a comedy of errors. First the copy machine I wanted to use took an eternity to warm up. I stood there patiently waiting for 5 minutes and then gave up and switched to another machine. Then right off the top, the machine jammed in 3 different places! After that, I went to do some colour copying and the machine that reads the cards you pay with wasn't even plugged in so I had to do more fooling around. In the end, I finally got everything printed and got out of there. WHEW!

But not before I bought myself this! What is it? It's the big kahuna of all staplers! It allows you to staple in the center of booklets because it's 12 inches deep. The red piece is the paper stop so you just set it to where you need to and start stapling. It wasn't cheap, but it's very useful and I know it will come in handy. I bought some metallic coloured staples for it. *geek* Yes, I have an weird little addiction-every time I go into an office supply store, I see things that I think are cool and before you know it, I've bought a bag full of stuff to play with. I love labels and am partial to gizmos and gadgets. I come by it honestly though-my Gramps was like that about kitchen gadgets. He could not walk past a Ming Wo without going in and seeing what new fandangled thing he could buy. I'm my Gramps' girl that way.

It's sneauxing out. (We are not allowed to use the "S" word in this house.) We're getting hit with a storm they'd promised. It's supposed to last up to 4 days. Great. Just what we need. It's a good thing it's the weekend and no one needs to be on the roads for work. Sneaux and hills don't mix. Any time now, I am sure the show is going to begin on my street. Last time it sneauxed, people were bailing off the hill onto our street and narrowly missing parked cars. We were kept busy watching out the window, prepared to call 911 with an accident report. We live just a few blocks from a fire station and we could hear the fire trucks going out on calls constantly all night long. I am sure we are in for more of the same over the next 24 hours. Seems like a good excuse to just batten down the hatches and stay busy in the studio if you ask me!

Hopefully the weather will improve by Monday so I can get to the TV studio safely and on time! Good thing I have my sneaux tires on!

Friday, January 25, 2008

In Memory

In loving memory of

Kenneth George Chick

October 31, 1921-January 25, 2004

Beloved and missed.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Plugging Away

There's been a whirlwind of activity here in the studio. I've been busy preparing kits for my upcoming workshops. These are the ones for the library series. At one point, I couldn't even see the top of my desk!

These days, post-it notes are my saving grace. I have a master list written on one of all the things I need to accomplish in the next few weeks, in chronological order. Then I have more lists with each task broken down into smaller steps. I have all of them stuck to the cabinet door of my computer desk and I am crossing things off as I go. Seriously, it's the only way to keep track of what my work day needs to look like.

The fun part of my day right now is the trip to the post office. I have several packages I am keeping an eye out for and every day I open the box with great anticipation. I ordered some polymer clay tools for an online class I am taking that should be here soon. There is some new rubber on its way from Paper Artsy for design work. I have two packages coming for the Valentine's exchange I am hosting. (This year's exchange will be starting soon so check back in a few days!) I am sure there are a few things I am forgetting. I love getting mail so I look forward to my daily trips to the post office.

I just want to take a moment to acknowledge everyone whose taken the time to comment or send me private emails with words of congratulations, encouragement and support about my upcoming appearance on Breakfast Television. It's really wonderful to know folks are excited for me and I appreciate that you took the time to tell me so. Thank you so much!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Small Screen

Copyright Tattered Edge 2008
Okay folks, I have some exciting news to share! Last week I got an email out of the blue from a producer from City TV asking me to call her. I did and she invited me to be on Breakfast Television! She came across my website, liked what she saw and asked me to come talk about my art and workshops and do an ATC demo with Simi Sara.

So for those of you that are local, Breakfast TV is on channel 13. I will be appearing on Monday, January 28th some time between 7-10 a.m. Be sure and set your VCRs if you're running off to work! There will likely be more info up on their website by Friday. (They list the next show's lineup the day before.)

I am really excited and a bit nervous, since I *think* it will be a live interview, but I am sure it will be fun! Wish me luck!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday in Sunny Vancouver

Copyright Tattered Edge 2008
Whew! It was a busy weekend! I finally managed to squeek out some time to go to Vancouver's monthly ATC swap after missing the last 5 months. (Due to moving and the holidays.) It was nice to see everyone again and have some time to just hang out and talk. This heart was one of my cards. I was amused when my friend Penn asked me where I was buying this perforated paper. I told her I'd made it myself. I used this plate for the heart and this plate for the background from Paper Artsy. It was just alot of playing around.

On my way into Vancouver, I passes a young woman riding her horse on one of the trails that runs parallel to the highway. Her horse was beautiful. I also got to have a breathtaking view of the North Shore mountains in all their snow covered glory. That's one thing about living in BC-the view are incredible on a day to day basis. I love my mountains!

After the swap, Penn and I walked down to Regional Assembly of Text and bought one of their cool little handmade books. I haven't had a chance to really look at it yet, but they have a mini book of the month club and you can get new little books every month by mail. Fun!

We also made a trip over to Loomis to start buying the bits and pieces I need for Artfest. Yesterday's purchase was canvasses for Anahata's class. I wanted to buy some ink too, but I forgot to grab my supply list and take it with me so next time! Hard to believe Artfest is only 71 days away! I cannot wait. I desperately need to get my passport renewed. It runs up right in the middle of Artfest and I can't have that! At some point, I need to do some more work on my trades. I have them about 1/2 done. I just need to find a window of time to finish them up! (That's no mean feat these days!)

Still waiting on the details of the news I want to share. Hopefully I will have them soon! Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pinch Me!

Yesterday a friend (thanks Judy!) brought me this newspaper clipping from our local paper, the TriCity News. The library took out a full page ad for its upcoming programs and the poster one of their staff made for me to advertise my FREE workshops was feature on half the page. (It's too big to get the whole thing on the scanner.) It was really nice of them to do this and how cool that it was in colour too!
It continues to be a very busy time in the studio. I just finished one major project and got some very good news about it yesterday. I will be posting details here just as soon as I am free to do so.
Yesterday I also received an email asking that I call someone. I did and the result was a very exciting invite. I should have all the details in the next few days and I will be posting them as well. Stay tuned!
It's been amazing how crazy (in a good way) 2008 has started out. I feel like I am on a train that just keeps picking up speed! I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to have things fall into place, to be offered wonderful opportunities and to be able to celebrate them with good friends. I have alot to be grateful for.
All that's happened in the last few weeks makes me think of this:
"Give thanks for unknown blessings, already on their way."
~Native American saying
Yes indeed!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


IT'S HERE!!! This morning when I opened my post box, Stampington's LIFE IMAGES was waiting for me! I didn't even leave the post office before I had ripped open the plastic bag it came and and flipped through to find my page. Here it is in all it's glory-I had no idea I would have an entire page to myself! WOW!

What was really nice to see was that there were several Canadians included, which is always encouraging, along with a few names I recognized from Artfest like Tracie Lyn Huskamp and Bee Shay. Fellow Artpub member Angela Cartwright has wonderful work included as well. There are also a number of pieces by men which I really appreciate. It's nice to see a blend of talent being represented.

My favourite entry is Glenn Perryman's, entitled "Me" in which he talks about his hand. The photo is in black and white and I think it's the most poignant piece. Absolutely beautiful.

The magazine is really beautifully done. I had no idea what it would look like, but the results are really stellar.

I bought Deb and I these sunglasses as a joke. We call them our "Elton Johns". The joke is we're supposed to wear them when we have a "rock star" moment so I supposed I should put them on and bask in the happiness of this moment. It's the first time I have ever personally submitted to a Stampington magazine and the very first time I have submitted photography for consideration. So yes, it's a banner day!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

See this pretty tassel necklace? Well I had one just like it. It was a hostess gift from Deb Lewis for the 12 Days of Xmas.

Last Wednesday, I decided was the perfect day to wear it for the first time, so I put it on and then headed out for the evening. It wasn't till I was lying in bed, hours later that I realized I had not taken it off. I reached up to my throat and it was then that it dawned on me that it had disappeared. I got a very sick feeling in the pit of my stomach because I felt horrible that something that was given to me in the spirit of friendship was gone. I've never lost a piece of jewellery in my entire life!

Rather than say I lost it, I am going to think of it as my tithe to the universe, for surely whomever happens across it will see the beauty in it and keep it for themselves. Unless it was found at the facility I was at...I will ask when I am there next week and see if by some small miracle someone found it and kept it safe for me. I have my fingers crossed that that is the case, but if not, I hope whomever has it is enjoying it.

Friday, January 11, 2008

From the Studio

Copyright Tattered Edge 2008

I'm back! Due to the total ineptitude of my ISP, I was without service for the last 3 days. Five phone calls later and I am finally back up and running. Why is it when you can least afford to have these things happen, they do? It's like a giant cosmic joke.

Anyway, I have been producing art, in between madly prepping for several classes. These are for Paper Artsy and use some of the newer rubber. They just came out with a brand new line called Squiggly Ink which I think will be fun to play with. Some of it is winging its way here right now! It's always fun to have new rubber in the mail. I love opening the package and seeing it for the first time and waiting for the ideas of what to do with it to just pop into my head. Nine times out of ten, I go with whatever my first impulse was to make.

You know, I discovered that my Staz-On inks keep drying up. I find this hugely annoying because they are not cheap. I keep the little plastic cover on over the pad that goes under the lid, but still, the pads go dry. I don't know if it's because of the type of ink it is or what, but when you buy one and it's dry in less than 2 months, that's not good. I have ink pads I've had since high school that are still wet! I kid you not! Maybe I need to write the company...

Today I embark on a bit of an adventure professionally. I start working on something I have wanted to do for a long time. I have a week to complete it so I will be focusing on this one thing over the next few days. Can't say much more right now, but eventually I will be able to share. It's exciting news! I have to say, 2008 has most certainly started out with a bang. Good things are happening as a result of alot of hard work and some major life changes. It's nice to know the Universe rewards intention and action. The exciting part for me is just waiting patiently to see what happens next!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More Classes for Winter/Spring 2008

I have more workshop news to share!!

I will be offering my Tattered Edge Trunk Show and Hands-on Journal making workshop at the Coquitlam Teachers' Association Professional Development Day on February 15, 2008. If you are a teacher in the Coquitlam school district, I hope you will join me! More information can be found here.

I have also just been booked to teach my Art of Trading: ATC (Artist Trading Card) class at Place des Art during their Spring Break workshop series for kids on March 18th. I am looking forward to sharing this easily accessable art form with the younger set! This has been a popular class in the past-the kids really seem to "get it" and have a ball making and trading their cards. More information will follow on the Place des Arts website, so keep watching.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Notes From the Studio

This first month of 2008 is proving to be a busy time in the studio. I have been busy preparing kits for my upcoming classes and with my nose to the grindstone working towards deadlines. Don't get me wrong-I love to work, love to be busy. I just find it endlessly amusing that these things tend to all happen at once. It's that whole feast or famine phenomenon. It's good though-I find I do need times where my schedule is less hectic so I can recharge my batteries and give my mind a rest. You can't run full tilt all the time!

I got a giggle out of how many people commented or emailed me privately to comment on the tidiness of my studio. It seems I have spawned the movement known as "The Great Purge of 2008". *grins* Apparently I have inspired several folks to clean up their work spaces. Okay, so now that you're all organized, let's see your studios! If you're brave enough to post pics to your blog or Flickr leave a comment here and I'll go peek!

Oh and to clear one more thing up: Karma, the studio fish is real. Yes, he's a Siamese Fighting fish, a beta. I won't name names but someone thought it was some sort of glass or plastic fake fish. NOPE! He's a living, breathing, swimmin' fishy fish. I like looking over and seeing what he's up to.

I have added a new post to my Artpub Blog for those of you who are following along there. This one is about Personal Imagery.

Okay time to get back to work! Happy creating everyone!

Art and Personal Imagery

Copyright Tattered Edge 2008

So let's talk about personal imagery in art. Personal imagery is the elements you use over and over, sometimes without really realizing it that are meaningful in some way to you. For example, my friend Linda Woods uses pears to symbolize herself. I've seen that image used time and again in her work and up until recently didn't know that that is how she portrays herself in her art. There was also an article in the latest issues of Somerset Studio that talked about using elements that have meaning to you and this got me thinking about what turns up in my work. Here are a few of my personal images and what their meaning is to me:

Buttons: If there is anything that symbolizes me, it's the humble button. I love buttons because in my mind, they are the one simple thing that all human beings have in common. Every human being throughout the history of man has worn one in one fashion or another. They are about connection for me and that is how I see myself-connected to the world and to everyone in it. I have a soft spot in my heart for buttons.

Houses: Houses are a refuge, a safe place to fall. The shape of them make me think of protection. Home is a foundation for life.

Rulers: This symbolizes my connection to my roots. Rulers are my beloved Gramps. He was a carpenter and tools were his life. If nothing else, he would always have a tape measure with him. Rulers also mean a measurement of time for me.

Stars: Stars are secrets. I always do my stars as cut outs with something behind them. It's like small revelations or insight.

Hand prints: This one I don't use quite so much, but when I do, it's a powerful way of saying "I am here" without using words. When I made a quilt block for the United In Memory quilt to honor Kenneth Charles Ledee, who was lost in 9/11, I did a white hand print across a heart to symbolize how the people we love leave their mark on our hearts long after they are gone. I also think of it as the invisible gesture of placing a hand comfort and healing on an aching heart. I see hands as a spiritual thing-hands show love, hands comfort, hands create, hands heal. The work of our hands is sacred.

Eggs: Eggs make me think of unlimited potential. You don't know what's inside the fragile shell, waiting to break free. Eggs are about possibility.

Numbers: You will often see a 3 (for my birth month, March) or a 22 (for my birthday) if I feel the piece I am working on needs a number. I also like the shape of 5's for not particular reason so occasionally they will pop up too.

Colours: Red comes up fairly often in my work. I'm an Aries and it's the colour I identify most powerfully with. Red is strength and passion, bold and fearless. Red is warmth and life-giving.

I think any of you could look at these things and it would mean something different to you. Your life experiences and memories dictate how you see things. Every aspect of your life is coloured by your experiences, including your art. I think this is what makes it so interesting. If we were all given the exact same materials and told to simply make something, anything, I guarantee no two pieces would be alike. Each person would have a different frame of reference for the materials they were given. This also explains why when two people look at a piece of art, one may be deeply moved while the other remains indifferent. It doesn't mean the art isn't good, it just means some people will be able to connect with it and some won't. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at something and thought "Well, that does nothing for me." and just as many times, I have seen something and my heart has thought "YES!" How you see art has more to do with YOU and less to do with the artist. Art is a very internal and personal experience.

Looking around my studio, I see all the things I've mentioned surrounding me. I have a collection of houses, a collection of hands, the number 22 represented in printer's blocks and dice. There are jars of buttons and nests with clutches of eggs. There is red everywhere I look and stars sprinkled here and there. It's easy to see that I gravitate towards certain things and not surprising that they find their way into my art.

It would be interesting to hear which elements you use in your work and why, so please feel free to comment and share. Perhaps when you really look at your own imagery, you will discover something you didn't know about yourself. That's what it's all about folks-uncovering what's special about you and then finding a way to share it with the world.

Friday, January 04, 2008

News from the North

Hello everyone! I have lots to report. First and foremost, the exhibit is up at Poirier Library. It will be on display from now, till the end of of February. I just wanted to quickly remind all you locals that my two FREE workshops are coming up soon so if you would like to attend, you will need to call and register ASAP. Here's the info:

Exploring the World of Mixed Media & Altered Books
Date: January 31, 2008
Location: Poirier Library, Coquitlam
*Seating is limited for these programs, please call 604-937-4155 to register.

An Artful Life:Mixed Media Journalling On the Go!
*FREE!*Date: February 7, 2008
Location: Poirier Library, Coquitlam
*Seating is limited for these programs, please call 604-937-4155 to register.

I will also be teaching my jam-packed day-long Altered Books Workshop at Place des Arts in February. If you've always wanted to try altering a book, but didn't know where to start, this workshop will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

I began teaching this class about 4 years ago and I can tell you it has been my most popular. I have even had the pleasure of teaching entire classes of teachers so they could take these new skills back into the classroom! Come see what fun this is!

Altered Books, Condensed
Date: February 23, 2008
Location: Place des Arts, Coquitlam

If you are looking to book private workshop or would like me to come teach at your event, please email me!

Okay on to other things. Yesterday, I went to pick up my mail and there was a small, padded envelope in my mailbox. When I looked at the return address, it was from an Etsy shop. I thought it was rather odd because I couldn't remember ordering anything that I hadn't already received. Curious, I opened it and found this beautiful folk tree pendant inside, a gift from my pal Deb. It was one of the things I had put on my "whist" on the sidebar here and she surprised me by sending it to me. THANK YOU Deb. I will cherish it and wear it often. *sniff*

After that lovely bit of mail, I headed into Vancouver for the day. Things have been so hectic with the holidays and all the moving, etc. that I decided I just really needed to take a day for me. I went down to Banyen Books, which is the spiritual bookstore in these parts. It's a large building with hardwood floors and floor to ceiling built in bookshelves. If it's even slightly spiritual, you will find it there. I like that they have a whole section for creative books-The Artist's Way, books by Sark, books about soul collage, etc. They have journals-beautiful hand tooled leather ones that just beg to be filled.

They also have a whole setion that is gift type items-incense, prayer beads, stones, angels, buddhas, meditation cds, etc. I love the section that has prayer flags, singing bowls, prayer wheels, fountains and buddha statues. I bought this etched "OM" stone to add to my studio, along with the Buddha CD sleeve pictured above. (Which I may just frame.)

Out front they have this cool carved bench. I snapped this quick shot of the lotus on it with my camera phone. I must have been in there for over an hour. I could have stayed longer-there are comfy chairs all over the store to sit and read in and no one bothers you. The atmosphere really is quite relaxing.

Afterwards, I grabbed a bite to eat before dropping by a friend's house for a quick visit and then over to Loomis, a local art store to buy a Moleskine. I got a red one this time. While I was there, I found heat guns were on sale for $19.99, so I finally bit the bullet and bought one. Now I just need to learn to use it without burning my fingers. I always forget they are wickedly hot-I keep thinking it's like using a hair dryer, which I do all the time. It's NOT!! You can actually do some serious damage if you're not careful! I need to figure out where to get a stand for it. I have seen them from time to time and I think I should probably have one. Safety first!

Anyway, it was really a good day and so nice to have some time to myself, to just do whatever I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. It was a good way for me to transition back into my busy schedule now that the holidays are over.

I have some exciting pending news, but I can't share it just yet. As soon as it's a fait accompli I will spill the beans. I am very pleased about it.

Okay, that's my report from my little world. Hope all is well in yours!