Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Artfest Bound!

I have the best friends ever. I say that alot and it's because I know it to be true. Like yesterday, for example, one of my thoughtful and generous friends, Dawn emailed to say she is bringing me some birthday cuppy cakes. And yes, I know they're cupcakes but because of this little ditty, I've always thought of them as cuppy cakes.

In any case, it's a lovely gesture on her part, especially with all the insanity already associated with packing and getting ourselves and all our stuff to Artfest. It makes me feel very special that she's taking the time to bake me birthday treats- it's love with icing on top!

Also today the magic mailbox held a birthday gift that came all the way from England from my sweet friend Liz. (Liz what happened to your link?!?) It had the prettiest journal and notebook. The graphics are so cool-the notebook has a bird and flowers and vines in my favourite folk art colours and the journal has stylized dandelion fluffs in greys, black and whites. This one in fact. Both are by Angie Lewin. Instant fan here!

Liz also sent me a set of watercolour pencil crayons. I don't have any so it will be fun experimenting with them. I popped them into my pencil case to take with me to Artfest. THANK YOU LIZ!! As usual, you know me so well. xox

Speaking of Artfest, the adventure begins first thing tomorrow morning. I had better finish packing my clothes. (Of course I packed my art supplies first-I know what's really important!!) To all of you reading this who are headed for Port Townsend, travel safely and see you there! To everyone else, catcha on the flip side! *waves*

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sherry lee said...

I know you are going to be having a blast at ArtFest...can't wait to hear all about it when you are back!

Love that cuppy cake song -- I call them cuppy cakes too, so do my kids! Enjoy every crumb...and the icing!!