Monday, January 17, 2011

A Gift


I'm not sure how I've managed to be so lucky lately, but on Friday, I won the gift of an opportunity to take a self-portraiture class with Vancouver artist Vivienne McMaster through a give-away on life coach,  Kate Swaboda's website.

Vivienne's class, Wading In will be a good exercise for me to try being in front of the camera, instead of behind. I've never been someone who is comfortable posing for photos. I can remember hiding under a bed or locking myself in the bathroom when I was young because I hated it that much. I can't really say why, I just did. Perhaps it had something to do with feeling vulnerable. I'm not particularly good with that.

Anyway, I took some images that I am pleased with. This is one. It's amazing to me how I see my history in this image. I come from people who made their living with their hands.

This one delighted me when I realized the light had caught the tiny invisible hairs on my fingers. I am in love with the way the light and shadows create magic when I use the b&w setting. I love the clean lines. When you strip away colour, the eye focuses in a very crisp and definite way. This pleases me. I am all about the lines of things.

I made this using an image I shot of myself in the mirror today. ONE DAY in this class, squeezed into the space between dealing with stressful medical stuff and cooking dinner and this is what I managed to do. I haven't felt such a happy sense of wonder about something I've created in some time. While I take photos all the time, I've never done it with a sense of purpose like this. I've never gotten behind the lense to put myself in front of the lense before. I always feel my spirit light up when I am learning something new and I'm already seeing myself in a different light.

I think it's always good to edge out of your comfort zone. Vivienne's grabbed my hand and pulled me gently to the water's edge and I'm Wading In!
If you'd like to test the waters too, registration for this class closes later tonight, so hurry!


liz elayne lamoreux said...

oh dear girl seeing this makes me smile big big big. i love that you are dipping your toes in with viv. she is a special light that one. and you have captured such real, true images of yourself. yes yes yes! i look forward to hearing more about this adventure as you continue with this course.

Pilar said...

This class sounds like such a wonderful healing gift. I am so happy you are able to partake. I can completely empathize with feeling uncomfortable with self portraiture. I love the work you are doing in the class. They are simply beautiful! xoxoxo