Saturday, January 21, 2012

Catching Up

If I've been on the quiet side this week, it's because I've been busy with the Women's Soccer 2012 Olympic qualifying tournament. I've been downtown in a swanky hotel my husband helped build, dispatching a fleet of cars for VIPs again. It's been fun, but long days knock the stuffing out of me.

So far we've attended Canada's first game, against Haiti and our ladies are looking really good. They played with integrity and their cohesiveness was really something to watch. If you're in town, you should get tickets-they're very inexpensive-$10-$25, no bad seats and all in the lower bowl.

I haven't had time to shoot anything new this week, aside from this photo of Indy, which I love. Speaking of photography, my beloved Picnik is closing mid-April. I am utterly bereft.{insert very sad face} I am very unhappy about it and have no idea what I am going to do once it's gone-it's my go-to editing program.

Mary Ellen, Sherry, Dave & Lisa, thank you for your feedback on Tapping In. It was really interesting hearing your interpretations. I wanted to let you know that you are all winners! Please email me with your snail mail addresses and as soon as I get prints made, I will send each of you postcards. (My email addy is on the sidebar.)


Dave said...

What fun!!! Thanks so much...I'll email my address post haste!

radiantcrust said...

I wondered why I haven't heard from you lately. :) I was pretty distraught over Picnik as well, but I followed their instructions over to the Creative Kit on Google+ Photos and found most of the Picnik photo edit stuff already there, although I haven't found the borders yet, so there might be bits missing. Losing Picknik will certainly put a crimp in my photo edit fun.